Hi. I'm Daniel Lazarte.

Development is my passion

Software developer fullstack with 12 years more of experience in conceptualization, development and deployment from web solutions. I also passionate about teaching, I have participated in several events technology and software development. Currently I work in remote solutions in various cooperation projects with Colombia and USA.

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My favorite tecnology

These are some of the tecnology ​​that are most passionate me and accompany me every day in my work.


Awesome responsive web pages.


Animations and transitions.


Code, test, and deploy together

Open ID

OpenId Universal access plataform.


Mac Lover

Google Chrome

Awesome for dvelopers.

Bit Bucket

Private repositorys work flow.


Cash Transfer Transacctions


Organization for my projects


My Open source repos.


Awesome Comunicactions team.

Amazon S3

Servers Deploy in Amazon S3

Some work done ..

I present some work done with great care and love.

Ads Management Platform

Based management platform ads on digital signature technology developed Async Javascript.


Application developed with Angular 2, Firebase, Typescript and Promisse for educational purposes.

Publish Administrator

Publications Management System and quote. Developed with technology async Net MVC and Javascript.

Search Books

Finder Books Online , uses technology Ruby with rails and REST API.

Real Time ASK

Real Time ASK Platform. Develop with Node.js and MongoDB

Any questions do not hesitate to contact me , I'll be happy to support you.

Happy coding.

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